Building the Lenze mechatronic modular system

The 2010s are all about creating the scaled and cohesive system of mechatronic modules and, in parallel, embarking on controller-based motion-centric automation, as Lenze repositions itself.

2014 sees the launch of the g500 gearbox series, which achieves around 95 % efficiency over the entire transmission ratio range. For the small devices, Lenze uses aluminum for the housings and optimizes the design to make the gearboxes much lighter and less bulky.

Another groundbreaking product is the new generation of frequency inverters that Lenze launches in 2015. Here the focus is mainly on speed-controlled and also torque-controlled motion. Using the principle of “less is more”, Lenze has designed a device that is small in size and big in energy efficiency. Other benefits include the short installation time and the uncomplicated commissioning process. Then, in 2017, comes the i950, the intelligent servo that brings all the above-mentioned qualities to servo technology and sets new standards in control quality.

At the same time during this decade, Lenze is building a new world of automation, with a complete portfolio of control technology and the i700 multi-axis servo. With a multiplicity of software solutions all under the label “Easy” – such as the Easy Product Finder, the Easy Solution Designer or the Easy UI Designer – Lenze opens a new chapter in software solutions and paves the way for digitization.

Chief Technology Officer Frank Maier is proud that Lenze, with Rolf Herbert’s Platform 96 as an inspiring example, has succeeded in creating a completely integrated platform for the entire mechatronics portfolio, including an expansion into automation.

This platform makes it possible to create solutions that are unique in the market: the smart motor, for example, which merges machinery, electronics and software, or automation solutions which allow software modules to be used anywhere between the controller and the axis.

Machine manufacturers benefit from drive packages and automation solutions that are precisely tailored to meet their specific needs. Lenze also supports its customers in the design process and shows them clearly where costs can be saved. In logistics centers, for example, energy consumption can be significantly reduced by using optimized drive systems.