100 years of Elisabeth Belling. The film.

Elisabeth Belling was a strong woman – and always ahead of her time. Her life story is closely linked to Lenze, and the course she set for the company is still evident today. She would have turned 100 in October 2021.

Time for a special tribute. And a good opportunity for you to get to know Elisabeth Belling better.

Who is Elisabeth Belling?

  • Daughter of the founder, she believed in family
    Elisabeth Belling and Lenze – they belong closely together. Born on October 24, 1921, as the daughter of company founder Hans Lenze and his wife Clara, she married Alfred Belling in 1944. The couple had three children: Babette, Hans, and Nikolaus.

  • Shaper and shifter
    She remained close to the company as it moved into the future, providing significant ideas and impetus along the way. After the death of her husband in 1981, she decided to assume operational responsibility in the management. In doing so, she sent out a clear signal: Lenze is and will remain a family business.

  • Pioneer and role model
    She trained as a nurse in 1938, and this experience sharpened her eye for the concerns and needs of others. Her guiding principle was: “It’s about people.” In addition to her social commitment within the company and in the region, she founded the Hans and Clara Lenze Foundation.
    On October 17, 2013, shortly before her 92nd birthday, she died, but this woman remains a role model for many people today.