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In our podcast format, we don’t talk about products but, first and foremost, with people. We let Lenze employees, partners, and customers have their say and talk with them – about new and old markets, technologies that help us in automation or are just hyped, and even about our guests’ taste in music. In the process, we naturally allow ourselves to be critically scrutinized. Because we want to learn as much as possible about ourselves and what drives our conversation partners.

Immerse yourself in the future of automation and take know-how with you into your everyday work.

Kick-off: In conversation with Christian Wendler, CEO of Lenze

“The best is yet to come,” sang Frank Sinatra. This also applies to the automation industry. The current crises are hitting the companies, but the automation companies are the future when it comes to the shortage of skilled workers, reduced energy consumption, or the expansion of renewable energy. Most automation companies are family businesses – unspectacular but innovative. Christian Wendler knows the strength of Lenze and the entire industry. With him, we look into the near and somewhat distant future. Where is Lenze investing, how is the company working with customers, and where are the skilled workers coming from? And: Why won’t the industry forget IT this time?

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