#CourageforClimate - Lenze's participatory campaign: We've reached the goal.

34.8 billion tons – that’s the annual CO2 emissions that fuel global climate change. In Germany alone, the figure is 753 million tons. We all have a responsibility for this – without exception. Everyone heats their homes, consumes food, goes online, uses transportation. This is where the forest comes into play. A single tree can convert up to 22 kilograms of CO2 into oxygen per year.

In its 75th anniversary year, Lenze moved for the climate! 75,000 kilometers and many new trees were the goal. And you were all part of our #CourageforClimate campaign. For that, we thank you. Through you, reforestation projects in several countries are now being supported with a donation.

This is how many kilometers we have collected together from 01.09. to 15.10.2022:

85.435 Kilometer

We have thus exceeded the target mark. For each of the 75,000 kilometers traveled, Lenze will donate 50 cents – a total of 37,500 euros – to projects that support the reforestation of regional forests at our sites.

New trees will be planted here shortly:

Our #CourageforClimate Gallery