Simplatroll becomes the industry standard

By 1968, the machine factory in Bösingfeld has produced almost half a million Simplabelt gearboxes. To complement this, Lenze’s engineers develop a whole range of Simpla products: Simpla swing gearboxes, Simplana reduction gearboxes, Simpla swing controllers and, from 1963, the Simplaflex flexible coupling.

In 1959, Lenze acquires from Becking, a Hamburg company, the license to manufacture electromagnetic clutches and brakes for European countries outside Germany, leaving Becking to supply customers in Germany. After an increasing number of complaints, Lenze engineers improve the Becking clutch with a sinusoidal metal spring. This invention means Lenze can apply for a patent and launch the product as Simplatroll. The product can be used in textile and office machines, packaging machines, crane construction, and stage technology.

The engineers’ work pays dividends. In 1963, only 3,500 Becking System clutches were ordered, but in 1968 there are 135,000 orders for the Simplatroll! The improved clutch becomes one of Lenze’s most successful products. All European clutch manufacturers adopt the design principle and the dimensions – Lenze has created an industry standard.

A proud Heinz Maroldt, now director of production at the machine factory in Bösingfeld, says that that in only four years Lenze has caught up with the established clutch manufacturers, who had a 40-year lead. He believes that the Simplatroll clutch is the best single-disk clutch in the world.