Challenges. Re-organizing the company, stepping into the future.

It is 1981 and Elisabeth Belling is facing a big challenge after the death of her husband.

Previously, she had only been in the background providing support, and now she has taken over the management of the firm. But she runs the company with a steady hand, she is alert and decisive. She has a keen antenna for future trends, and she is quick to recognize the importance of IT as a technology of the future.

Her successor, Dr. Rolf Herbert, changes the company radically as from 1986. He restructures the business divisions, introduces a focus on sustainable products and sets new standards in corporate communication.

“I won’t say I can’t!”

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“Throw open the gates while others are looking over the wall.”

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“Three months makes it difficult to win new customers.”

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„We are left with only one real option.“

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Elisabeth Belling takes over management of the company.


“Lenze” becomes the corporate brand, the company emphasizes the togetherness of the companies at home and abroad.


Sale of the winding machines division and focus on mechatronic drive technology.


Professor Karl Glanzhorn drives digitization forward.


Lenze equips frequency inverters with microprocessors for the first time.


The first edition of the employees’ newspaper “Transmission” appears.